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20% off for Combat Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and Active Duty Military personnel.  We appreciate you!
On 9/11/2001 we as a nation suffered the first devastating attack from foreign forces on our home turf since Pearl Harbor. As a result, the best we had to give emerged from us all and we banded together as one nation under God to sacrifice of ourselves for our fellow Americans.  Some sacrificed time or money or resources; some sacrificed their lives.  On that day there was no division because of race or sexual orientation, income level, job title or what flag we fly at our municipal buildings...we were UNITED as brothers and sisters, as one family. Lest we forget. 

Our sincerest respect and admiration extend to all who continue to sacrifice and give of themselves so that others may reap the benefits of living in this amazing country we call home.  
 To order, contact us at or call Alice at 361-652-0165.

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